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Company began in 2007, which specializes in electronic engineering equipment hire, and has expanded into aerial solutions combining technology from construction access and high image quality deliverables built around the new CTE TRACCESS 230 machines, which help provide a total package solution.

We are members of the Construction Plant Association and very importantly, we only hire with CPA terms and conditions.

Our all operators are all IPAF trained for the effective operations and high productivity of the machine with top quality safety measure.

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  • CTE Traccess 230

    These are few of the first and foremost spiders with angular dimensions that are best operated at heights from 13m up to 22.6m. TRACCESS 230 E has two elements including articulated boom, telescopic boom and main boom. These machines are used in basic day to day applications including wind power, underbridge maintenance, restoration, building and construction and greenery maintenance.

    CT Traccess 230 is the highest tracked access platform. Their dimensions are extremely compact and their quickly removable basket will allow any unit to access areas other than 23m platforms that cannot access other wise. The CTE Traccess 230 is used along with the basket to lift various operators and heavy materials that cannot be carried otherwise. They have a lifting capacity of 250 kilos and at least 21 meters of working height.


I have been using the services of Project Y for several years now, primarily for three reasons:

They are very competitive

The reliability and service is second to none

Their machinery always has the required certification for complete peace of mind

Brian Zehetmeier


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