Why choose our Traccess E 230 services?


What we have here are a bunch of brand new CTE Traccess industrial machines. These are dual powered diesel/electric working inside with none –marking tracks. These are mostly suitable for internal working with marble or wooden flooring without marking. The machine configuration includes double pantograph, telescopic boom, and jib. The compactness of these equipments and its unique capacity of 200kg make the CTE Traccess 230, the best ally of maintainers, pruners, installers, and hirers.

These are few of the most compact machines in its class. Thanks to its height of 2 meters and width of 80 centimeters are known to pass through standard doors and narrow entrances. The unrestricted working area where there is no electronic limiting device for easier use and for reducing the risk of damage. There will be a maximum outreach with max basket capacity. Our machines can work inside without leaving behind a single marking track for delicate flooring marble or wooden flooring. These machines can get through any gaps less than 0.8 meter in width plus they have a massive range in height and reach.

Why hire Traccess E 230 machines?

Redesigned to work where noise and pollution are not permitted. Your work becomes easier with CTE Traccess 230. Here are some of the key pointers of this CTE Traccess 230 are as follows:-
  • High maneuverability and compactness.
  • 300AH Lithium battery.
  • Stabilization with hydraulic extension.
  • Automatic stabilization.
  • 2,1m jib with+10” working angle.
  • Display to check easily with battery level.
  • Basket rotation 90 degrees+90 degrees (optional).
  • Digital self-diagnostic for fault checks.
  • Radio remote control for translation and operations control.

Clean Top Boom

In CTE aerial platforms both the extension cylinder and the electrical and hydraulic systems are inside the arm, protected from weathering and debris.
The electrical system and catenary housed inside the arm are protected form of getting caught up with other elements during operation.


Articulated boom (two elements) + telescopic boom (main boom + 2 extension) + jib • Sigma boom movement enabled by connecting rods.
360° non continuous turret rotation on bearing turntable.
Proportional electro-hydraulic controls in basket
Engine start and stop controls from basket
Basket base in composite material with aluminium guardrails (1300 x 700 x 1100) • 90° right + 90° left hydraulic basket rotation (option)
Basket load sensing device
Radio remote control
Dual drive speed
Narrow jacking facility
Extending width tracks
230V 2.2 kW electric auxiliary motor
Automatic hydraulically actioned basket levelling
N° 4 hydraulic outriggers with ground pressure sensors
Hour meter
230 V AC EC electrical socket in the basket
Standard boom colours blue (RAL 5017) or white (RAL 9003)
EN 280:2013 CE certified
Gradeability approximately 31%
Electro-hydraulic steering from the ground with radio control
Drive speed max 2 km/h
4 stabilization areas with hydraulic placement

Looking for a helping hand...?

For any kind of building maintenance, CCTV installation, pruning of big trees, or any high altitude film shoot, call us for further help.