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Aiming For The Inaccessible Areas

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With the fast-paced world, we are moving a step ahead every day in the field of technology. There is something that is invented and made every single day in order to meet our needs. Most of us are still in a state of ignorance as we are unaware of the several technological wonders. To meet challenges and to face difficult situations, experts have come up with various machines. One of these is the restricted access aerial platform. This particular spider-like machine can be used to reach areas that are inaccessible to a person.

Salient features and structure:

These folding CTE TRACCESS 230 machines are used majorly in order to reach a spot where no other machine or man can reach manually. The machine opens up in folds and increases its size. Following this, it can reach the spot where the work is to be done. These are angular spider-like machines which open in folds while increasing in length and elevation. These are called overhead platforms or spider lifts as well. The CTE TRACCESS 230 machines have a basket that can be raised from the ground level to reach 23 metres within a reach of 12 meters from the base. These are used regularly. TRACCESS 230 is well designed with three remote-controlled functions which are:

  • Traction control
  • Command in the tower
  • Command in the basket

These are used for lowering and lifting people. The basket is where the person can stand safely and is then raised higher into the air or put across places where he or she cannot reach easily on foot. These machines have metallic bodies and are remotely controlled. These have to be regularly maintained to avoid any unforeseen situations and are either powered by diesel or electricity. These machines are designed with

  • a telescopic boom
  • a double pantograph
  • a jib

You can hire a restricted access aerial platform from the service providers and can choose from the following types. These are:

  • Aerial device: These devices were previously operated by hydraulic pistons and were powered by diesel or gasoline motors on the base unit. These were used for maintenance purposes. They appear like cranes with multiple joints. Also known as Knuckle Boom Lifts or Articulated Boom Lifts these have their origin from the “cherry pickers”.
  • Scissor lift: These lifts can move only vertically. The criss-cross “X” pattern, known as a pantograph or scissor mechanism is a vital mechanism of this device. Scissor lifts are well suited for ground level performances.
  • Hotel lift: Hotel lifts comprise several smaller lifts that use mechanical devices to extend. These move only in vertical directions.

So, these devices can be used in areas such as

  • While constructing, restoring or maintaining a building
  • While maintaining tall trees in parks or gardens-
  • While rescuing victim when a fire breaks out
  • During an emergency evacuation during floods or earthquakes
  • Transferring heavy weights or loads which is not possible to carry manually
  • During an underbridge construction, restoration or maintenance

Usually, maintainers, pruners, installers, and hirers hire these CTE TRACCESS 230 machines in order to get their most difficult jobs done which would not have been possible otherwise.

What are the significant benefits of these devices?

access aerial platform

The immediate benefits of using a restricted access aerial platform are:

  • the worker stands safely and is bound with safety measures
  • due to this the person in the basket will have no fear of falling from a height
  • these machines can lift loads upto 250 kilos, which is manually impossible to lift
  • gives access to areas which cannot be reached otherwise by foot or any other machines

The restricted access aerial platforms are useful in many ways and build a safe environment to work in.

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