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There are ample reasons why we cannot reach a place. Workers fear mishaps or severe accidents while trying to reach an inaccessible height or place. To rule out such tragedies our company provides services that help these workers to work fearlessly. The company mainly deals in electronic equipment hire as well as aerial solutions combined with technology. These are used in construction sites and other locations where a person has to work at a great height.

Salient features:

The new CTE TRACCESS 230 machines are the ultimate solution to the abovementioned problems. These are spider-like angular machines which open in folds with an increasing elevation. Thus, these are known as overhead platforms or spider lifts. CTE TRACCESS 230 machines work the best between the heights of 13 meters to 22.6 meters. Therefore, these are used on a regular basis in various situations. TRACCESS 230 is well equipped with three remote-controlled functions which are:

  • Command in the basket
  • Traction control
  • Command in the tower

Used for lifting and lowering people, the basket is where the person can stand safely while being raised higher and higher into the air. These machines are built with metallic bodies and are controlled by remotes. These have to be regularly maintained to avoid any unforeseen situations. These are either powered by diesel or electricity. These machines are configured with

  • A double pantograph
  • A telescopic boom
  • A jib
access cherry picker platform

Places used:

With modernization, we have been witnessing a boom in the developments of well-equipped machines that happen to be a savior. Some are remodeled and some are just new inventions. Such machines come handy when used in several trying situations. While hiring employees for high-risk jobs, the company has to ensure their safety. So, a client can hire access cherry picker platform in:

  • Construction sites
  • Restoration and maintenance of buildings
  • Greenery maintenance
  • Fire rescues
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Transferring heavy weights or loads of around 250 kilos
  • Underbridge construction and maintenance, etc.

CTE TRACCESS 230 machines are the best options for maintainers, pruners, installers, and hirers.

What are the benefits?

The major benefits of using an Access Cherry Picker platform are:

  • The worker is safely bound with safety measures
  • There is no fear of toppling over from the basket
  • These are heavy-duty machines which are capable of bearing and lifting heavyweights
  • Ready to be given on a rents
  • Gives access to aerial heights and places where one cannot reach by foot

These benefits have put these machines in the limelight. Factories and clients are hiring these machines for their numerous benefits. They also have a dual advantage of ensuring the security of the worker as well as getting some most of the difficult jobs done. These help the workers to work in a safe and sound environment without any life risks. The hiring of these machines makes it affordable for the clients to engage these cherry pickers on working sites.

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