Company Profile

We maintain strict quality guidelines

Company Profile

Project Y provides services to clients all over the UK
Project Y was formed in the year 2007 that originally provides services to its clients in the film and television world. With our background firmly planted in the field of engineering, we have the capacity and caliber to meet ends and supply solutions that deem to be few of the most demanding projects worldwide. At present we have a team of electronic engineering and roofing expert with over 30 years of expertise in their respective fields. Our team is IPAF certified and trained. We adopt and implement safe working methods, especially due to the fact that workers here have to work from greater heights. Thus we adopt safety measures before even going to work.

Our Capabilities

Tracess is firs tof its kind machine with shorter dimensions that are best suited for operating at higher heights.
We have highly skilled engineers who can manage and operate these machines in the most efficient and productive manner
Supervising the process of CTE Traccess 230. This is the supervising procedure of CTE Traccess 230.
We take quality measures to maintain and operate these CTE Tracess 230 machines
Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority

Looking for a helping hand...?

For any kind of building maintenance, CCTV installation, pruning of big trees, or any high altitude film shoot, call us for further help.